Graphic design is my way of expressing creativity through the visualization of ideas. I love to work with color, texture, images and type. It's taking these elements and integrating them so they all become something distinctive, useful, playful, or clever, but most of all, memorable. I thrive off of excitement, energy, new ideas and ways to make a product better. I get such a sense of gratification presenting the client with the final product and seeing their face light up with satisfaction. That sense of happiness and accomplishment of the job is the biggest achievement for me as a designer.

I strive to create progressive designs, to push the envelope, and welcome new challenges with enthusiasm. Clean and contemporary is the common approach throughout my portfolio and designs. My style has been called many things: refined, professional, moving, elegant and simple in the best of ways. If the project allows for it, I have also been known to be a bit quirky and narrative.